3 Tips To Keep The Tools In Your Pickup Truck Secure

If you are someone who uses your pickup truck when you're working, you might usually keep your tools in the bed of the truck. This can be convenient, but it can also make it convenient for someone to steal them, too. Tools aren't cheap, and the last thing that you probably want is for someone to steal them from you. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you can keep the tools in your pickup truck secure:

1. Install a Bed Cover

First of all, you can consider buying a truck bed cover that literally covers the entire back of your truck bed. Some of them even lock. If no one is able to see that you have tools in your truck bed in the first place, they'll generally be less likely to be stolen. This can provide privacy and protection for other items that you might haul in your pickup truck as well and can prevent things from flying out when you're at highway speeds.

2. Put Them in a Locking Tool Box

Another option is to purchase a locking tool box for your truck bed. This can obviously be a good option for your tools, but it's important to think about the size of your tools when choosing this option. You might find that some larger tools will not fit well in a toolbox. Also, putting a toolbox on the back of your truck can limit hauling space for other items.

3. Keep Them Inside the Truck

If you do not want to buy any special accessories for your truck right now but would still like to keep your tools safe, or if you are looking for a temporary option that will work until you are able to buy a locking tool box or a bed cover, you should know that your tools are probably safer inside of your truck than in your truck bed. Of course, someone could still attempt to break into your truck, but this can be a lot less tempting for a potential thief than just reaching into your truck bed and grabbing your tools when no one is looking. If you don't have your tools in a toolbox, tossing a blanket or coat over them when they're inside your truck can make them even less likely to be stolen.

You shouldn't have to worry about your tools being stolen out of your truck on a busy work day, but this is something that can happen. Luckily, if you try one of these tips, you should be able to keep your tools secure.

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