Remapping Your Car’s Engine For Better Performance

If you're looking for higher power or better fuel economy from your car, you may consider opting for a better model. However, modern cars are very expensive and this can leave a massive hole in your pocket that takes a long time to repair. Another (cheaper!) way of boosting your car's performance is to remap the engine, which will make your journeys that much more enjoyable. What Is Engine Remapping? Read More 

3-Step Guide For Removing Rust On Your Car’s Body

If you have an older car, you may have small spots on the body that have started to rust. Instead of having a professional remove it, you may decide you would like to try getting rid of the rust yourself. If so, use the following three-step guide. Before You Begin Before you begin your project, test the extent of rust on the car's body. If the oxidation has eaten away to the back of the metal, you will need to have an auto body repair specialist do the job for you. Read More 

Dings And Dangs! Great Tips For Keeping Your Car’s Paint Job Looking Fantastic All Year

Scratches, dings, and chips in the paint are inevitable in cars that aren't properly protected. If you've just bought a new car or you've jazzed up an older one with a new paint job, you want to do everything in your power to keep that coat shiny and new. Here are some great tips for preventing minor body damage and making sure the outside of your car looks great for years to come. Read More 

Keeping Your Cool With Preventative Cooling System Maintenance

When it comes to keeping a heavy-duty truck cool, it needs all the cooling help it can get. In addition to the heavy-duty components that offer extra cooling capacity, preventative maintenance also plays an important role in keeping your big rig rolling. Without it, you're bound to be stuck at a standstill. The following offers a few pointers for keeping your truck's cooling system in top shape. Airflow is King Read More 

3 Reasons To Always Have Roadside Assistance Coverage

Driving is a normal part of life for most people, and anyone that drives knows that things can go wrong on the road. Roadside assistance is a type of insurance you can purchase that will help you when things go wrong, and it is one of the most affordable types of protection you can have. With roadside assistance, you can have assurance that help will be on the way if you need it, and here are the three of the most important reasons you should never drive without it. Read More