Being Prepared For Emergencies And The Unknown While Travelling Offroad

Taking a trip offroad is a lot of fun and if your SUV or truck is set up properly, you can be very self-reliant out on the trails. Keep in mind that there are unexpected things that can happen so take the time to pack up some recovery gear just in case you need it. If you are traveling in a group, everyone should have the gear they need to get themselves out and help each other as well.

 Planning Your Trip

You wouldn't plan a trip that doesn't include food or camping gear, so why plan a trip without considering the recovered gear? When you start making your plans, make a list of all the things you are going to need so that you do not forget anything. If you write it all down, then you can cross off each item as you pack it so that you are sure you have it ready when you head out onto the trails. You should also plan your route out and put it on paper so that you can give a copy to someone before you leave. If something happens and you don't get back on time, somebody will know exactly where to look for you.

What Recovery Gear Should You Take?

When you start to plan your recovery gear, consider the terrain you will be traveling through. If it is extremely muddy, the gear you need will be different from a boulder field and a rock crawling trip.  There are a few things that are universal though. Recover straps with looped ends, not metal or hooked ones, should be in every kit. A good pair of gloves, a small shovel, a hatchet or ax, a hi-lift jack, a fully charged cell phone and some shackles to be attached to the truck is a good basic start. If you have a winch, add a tree strap and a cable weight to your kit. While there are numerous other things you may need or want, these will at least help if you are stuck.

Recovering A Broken Or Stuck Vehicle

There will be times when you are traveling off-road that one truck in the group gets very stuck or breaks down. Working as a team to try and free it is the best option. You may even have to tow a broken truck out to the road for a tow truck to pick it up. If you are traveling alone, you might not have the option of help so make sure you have the things you need and call for help if you encounter something you can fix. Whether going out alone or as a group, the best way to recover a truck or SUV offroad is to plan for it ahead of time.

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